It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as India’s first & only Consciousness Studies based Personality Development Organization for Students, Public and Professionals & Corporate.
IICSR has been established with the core intentionality and the phenomenal framework to facilitate the need of the present day society individually as well as collectively pertaining to the holistic development of every individual in the realms of social, academic, work and other related areas in the personal life as well as universally benefiting the organizations and society as a whole for a complete synthesized harmonic growth holistically.

 IICSR  has   different  departments  with  eloquent  faculties  for  conducting
extremely  resourceful  programs   for  the  above  defined  strata  of  the  society  for
developing  people  from  all  walks  of  life  to  enable  them  to  lead  a  balanced,
successful and last but not the least a real meaningful life. The institute comprises
of following departments for the planning and execution of the above mentioned
programmes :-

  1. Department of Vedic Science
  2. Department of Psychology
  3. Department of Yoga
  4. Department of Alternative Therapies
  5. Department of Holistic Planning and Development